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The Nevada Special Election: Where the Mediscare Attacks Went to Die?

4:27 PM, Sep 14, 2011 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Amodei countered the Medicare attacks by pointing out that he wants Medicare reimbursement rates to be higher. That's pretty consistent with the GOP position that Obama's plan to reform Medicare through rationing is bad, and the Republican plan to reform Medicare through choice and competition for future beneficiaries is good.

It wouldn't be accurate to say that the Nevada election proves Medicare will be a non-issue in 2012. It's always easy to read too much into a special election--that was certainly the case when Democrats heralded the NY-26 race as a "referendum" on GOP Medicare reform.

What we do know is that in this case, Amodei didn't directly vote for Ryan's Medicare reform, but he did praise it. In the Democrats' minds that should have been enough to sink him in a district that was evenly divided between McCain and Obama in 2008. It didn't work.

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