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New START Gets 67 Votes

4:58 PM, Dec 21, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The New START agreement moved forward in the Senate today on a 67-28 cloture vote. The New York Times reports:

The Senate voted 67 to 28 on Tuesday to advance a new arms control treaty that would pare back American and Russian nuclear arsenals, reaching the two-thirds margin needed for approval despite a concerted Republican effort to block ratification.

Eleven Republicans joined every Democrat present to support the treaty, known as New Start, which now heads to a seemingly certain final vote of approval on Wednesday, as the Senate wraps up business before heading out of town. Voting against the treaty were 28 Republicans who argued that it could hurt national security.

The Times adds: "The vote represented another bipartisan victory for President Obama, who emerged politically wounded from last month’s midterm elections but turned around to successfully press the outgoing Congress to enact several of his top priorities." Expect to hear a phrase like this one -- but probably with even more praise for Barack Obama and the Democrats -- continually repeated over the next few days. The problem is, American voters don't tend to care about nuclear arms control deals with the Russians. Don't actually expect this to have any sort of political impact favoring Obama and the Democrats.

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