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The New York Times Concedes 'Decades of Overspending' by State Governments

12:05 PM, Dec 26, 2010 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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You know conservatives are winning when the most dogmatic and obdurate liberals (inadvertently) throw in the towel.

The New York Times Concedes 'Decades of Overspending' by State Governments

In the midst of an otherwise predictable editorial today on "The Looming Crisis in the States," in which the New York Times calls for state tax hikes and more aid from Washington, we find this sentence: "Starved for revenue and accustomed to decades of overspending, many states have been overwhelmed."

"Decades of overspending." I must have missed the many Times editorials over recent decades condemning such overspending. But no matter. What a concession! Not just a few years of overspending—decades! For surely if there have been decades of overspending, there need to be serious cuts in or elimination of many programs that have ballooned in recent decades—not just some spending trims, or returns to (say) 2009 or 2008 levels.

So, Govs. Christie and Daniels and Kasich—and Cuomo—and all the rest, go for it. Cut the size and scope of state government. Make up for decades of liberal big government welfare state overspending. And when criticized, cite the New York Times.

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