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No Fair

12:21 PM, Aug 7, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The EU evidently believes that if you launch sanctions in an economic war, then it is unseemly, unfair, and just not nice for the other side to fire back.  The EU has issued a press release (quick, to the shelters) deploring the Russian restrictions on imports of certain foods.  One suspects that European ag superpower, France, is especially distressed … and after it had done such nice work for Russia on those aircraft carriers.  

According to the statement, the EU:

… regrets the announcement by the Russian Federation of measures which will target imports of food and agricultural products. This announcement is clearly politically motivated. 

In Europe, these days, them’s fighting words.  

Close enough, anyway.

Get the whole story (and full treatment) at Zerohedge.

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