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NPR's President and CEO Resigns

11:53 AM, Mar 9, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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As a result of an undercover video of now-former executive Ron Schiller playing into anti-Semitic canards, talking about how the federally funded news station could do without government money, considering accepting a donation from a fake Islamist group, and indicating a deep disregard for conservatives, Schiller no longer works for NPR. It seems that NPR was most concerned about Schiller's statements that the radio station would be fine without federal money.

NPR's President and CEO Resigns

And now another Schiller will no longer be working for NPR. This one, Vivian Schiller, was the CEO and president. It's been a rough tenure for Schiller, who oversaw the ungracious firing of Juan Williams that resulted in greater calls for NPR to be defunded. She resigned the day after the video of Ron Schiller surfaced, effective immediately. As Schiller told the New York Times, "I’m the C.E.O., and the buck stops here."

Ron Schiller, however, was not exactly fired -- he had accepted a job at the Aspen Institute the week before -- but his end-of-employment date was made effective immediately as a result of the video. Now, however, Schiller will not be working at the Aspen Institute, either. Michael Calderon reports

Ron Schiller will not be joining the Aspen Institute as planned, according to a spokesman for the organization. "Ron Schiller has informed us that, in light of the controversy surrounding his recent statements, he does not feel that it's in the best interests of the Aspen Institute for him to come work here," the spokesman said in a statement to The Cutline.

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