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Obama Administration Welcomes Tariq Ramadan to D.C.

Islamists run loose in the nation's capital.

3:20 PM, Apr 29, 2010 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ
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Ramadan has adopted a European political style, combining a leftist vocabulary with Islamist incitement, and he demagogically alleged that racism remains a basic American problem. Above all, he declaimed, “nothing will work in Muslim-majority countries” without a change in Israeli-Palestinian relations. According to him, Palestinians have no rights of any kind, and as he repeated, American Muslims must, on behalf of their peers in Gaza, assume a new influence over American education.

Rashad Hussain, U.S. envoy to the Organization for the Islamic Conference (OIC), offered a summary perspective as bombastic as that of Pandith or Ramadan. While Hussain’s predecessor as U.S. representative to the OIC, Sada Cumber, served as a low-profile observer, Hussain sketched out an active U.S. alliance with OIC, exemplifying the new “partnerships” the administration seeks. The OIC, formed to oppose Israel and headquartered in Saudi Arabia, has sent election observers to Iraq and an emissary to Afghanistan, with U.S. approval. Hussain affirmed that Obama had pledged at Cairo that America would defend the head scarf (hijab) and other contested Muslim symbols as a right of free religious expression. But Hussain added that this effort would be coordinated with the OIC. When a questioner pointed out that few Muslims around the world consider the OIC relevant to their needs, Hussain rudely answered that he would “refute” the speaker, and praised the organization as a “major player.”

A specter is haunting Washington--the specter of democracy promotion in Muslim countries, as pursued by George W. Bush. This outreach by Bush was a novelty in U.S. Middle East strategy and a threat to radical Islam, unlike the Obama approach. President Bush should be pleased and proud not to be associated with the absurdities that have come after him, and especially the Obama administration’s embrace of Tariq Ramadan. Unfortunately, by legitimizing radical Islam, even in “non-violent” form, the Obamaites endanger us all.

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