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Obama to Campaign for Coakley

Change... of plans.

1:50 PM, Jan 15, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Most news outlets are reporting that sources in Massachusetts and the White House say Obama will be campaigning for Coakley in Massachusetts, as the Tuesday special election nears. Sunday will be the day, ABC News reports.

His remote appeals up until now— a web video and a robocall— seemed to indicate the White House's desire to keep him distant from an increasingly possible Democratic loss. Perhaps the White House is now more confident about Coakley's chances than other Democrats are, but then, they were ostensibly sanguine about Jon Corzine's chances in New Jersey last November, too.

On the other hand, with even Barney Frank saying delaying a Brown seating would be impossible, perhaps the president doesn't matter how much tarnish a loss would mean if he has a chance of retaining the 60th vote on health care.

Political analyst Larry Sabato says, on Twitter:

Prognosticators overuse "toss-up" category but surely it's appropriate for MA SEN. Polls differ. Brown's got (big?) Mo. Coakley's got Obama.

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