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Obama Campaign: 'Meet Paul Ryan, Who Is Actually the Worst'

1:41 PM, Aug 13, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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President Obama's campaign uses its Tumblr page to introduce supporters to vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan: 

"In case you missed all the excitement this weekend: Meet Paul Ryan, who is actually the worst," the Obama campaign captions its graphic. 

The link brings Obama supporters to another web page that tries to define Ryan in five easy steps: 

"1. Paul Ryan's Top-Down Budget Plan Is A Sham...

"2. Paul Ryan's Plan Would Raise Taxes On The Middle Class And Cut Taxes For The  Wealthy...

"3. Paul Ryan's Plan Would Gut Middle-Class Investments... 

"4. Paul Ryan's Plan Would End Medicare As We Know It...

"5. Paul Ryan Is Severely Conservative."

Which is just odd. Because, as the Washington Free Beacon points out, in 2010, President Obama praised for Ryan for offering a substantive budget proposal. "This is an entirely legitimate proposal," Obama said then, two years ago.

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