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Obama Can't Avoid Evil, Try As He Might

2:49 PM, Aug 28, 2014 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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Noemie Emery, writing at the Washington Examiner:

The knock on conservatives is that they seem to want conflict, but that’s not exactly the case. What they really want is making themselves strong enough to deter it, or, failing that, so strong that if anyone ever tries to attack them, they never will try it again. "We arm to parley," said Winston Churchill, the ultimate neocon, meaning that strength is perquisite to ensuring tranquility. That was the reason NATO was formed in the late 1940s; that John Kennedy campaigned on the "missile gap" (which was nonexistent); that Ronald Reagan sent missiles to Europe and batted down talk of a "freeze."

That is the weapon Obama let drop, when he cut back on troops and on defense spending, cut back on support for our allies in Europe, sent troops to Afghanistan with a fixed date of exit, pulled out of Iraq before the war ended, drew many lines in the sand that Syrian President Bashar Assad would cross over, and bombed Libya and got rid of its leader without doing anything more. Not to mention ignoring or failing to act on reports about ISIS, long before it had reached its current proportions, when it might have been stopped or contained.

"We have witnessed as close to a laboratory experiment on the effects of U.S. disengagement" as the real world is likely to give us, Fred Hiatt has written. "Obama thought he could engineer a cautious … retreat from U.S. leadership. What we have gotten is a far more dangerous world."

Read the whole thing here.

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