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Obama: Centralized Power Is the Source of Freedom

8:40 AM, Jan 23, 2013 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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Does Obama really believe that because we are all created equal in the sense that we possess the unalienable and God-given rights with which all human beings are endowed, that all of our romantic loves are therefore equal as well?  Does he really believe that Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s love was no better than Anna Karenina’s or Vronsky’s, that it matters not whether our romantic loves are selfish, shallow, abusive, degrading, incestuous, unfaithful, or polygamous — or their opposites? 


If all romantic love were indeed created equal, then surely there would have been no justification for marriage’s having been defined throughout American history as the monogamous and complementary union of man and woman; for that unique union to have been regarded as the indispensable building block of civilized society; or for it to have been thought essential to the rearing and raising of children.  Does Obama really believe that there’s nothing distinctive — or distinctly salutary — about the marital union as traditionally defined?  Is he really saying that the principles of our Founding, rightly understood, now require us to redefine marriage because all “love we commit to one another must be equal” — both on its merits and in its effects on us and on others? 

One would be hard-pressed to find a stranger or intellectually shallower attempt to tie one’s own policy position to the Declaration of Independence. 

How, in general, is Obama able — in his own mind — to square his love of Big Government with the Founders’ commitment to limited government and liberty?  In yet another incredible line that the Founders never would have uttered, Obama seemingly provided the answer:  “Being true to our founding documents…does not mean we all define liberty in exactly the same way.” 

Indeed, for the Founders, liberty meant freedom, and it was a gift from God.  For Obama, it’s not entirely clear what liberty means, but he apparently knows “liberty” when he sees it — and he sees it as not being threatened by centralized power, but rather as emanating from it.

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