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Obama as an Electoral Munchkin?

8:34 AM, Mar 5, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Moe Lane has a theory:

Let me give all of you the basic background, first: Obama has yet to make a decision on the Keystone Pipeline, and he’s more or less going to seriously anger a key block of supporters either way.  If he approves the pipeline, he annoys Hollywood celebrities, radical environmentalists, and other scientific illiterates; and if Obamarejects it, he infuriates Big Labor, or at least those parts of it that still do actual work.  The result?  Barack Obama is… dithering; which pleases nobody.  The union workers aren’t working, and the scientific illiterates are justifiably paranoid that the current no-by-default is unsustainable in the long run.  So, of course, both sides are now trying to pressure the White House into resolving the situation.

What both sides don’t quite realize is that the problem that the administration is facing a structural problem, not an ideological one.  It’s not that the White House doesn’t want to resolve the issue; it just doesn’t know how.

This next part is unavoidably geeky, but necessary: because it’s there where you can find the specialized jargon that can describe the Obama administration.  To sum it up for the gaming geeks who are reading this: Barack Obama is a munchkin mini-maxer who has put all of his points into “winning elections” because he found an exploit that made him President early.  And now he’s trying to solve everything else via The Gun Is My Skill List and/or button-mashing, with predictable results.

…No, seriously: if you have a very specific background that entire paragraph makes crystalline sense.  But I will happily translate.

Whole thing here.

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