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Obama Stubbornly Opposes Repeal of Program His Own Administration Admits Can’t Work

8:08 AM, Oct 18, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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Republicans should now push forward with legislation to repeal the CLASS Act, via the traditional legislative process. (As Roy notes, 11 current Democratic senators have previously voted to eliminate it.) And while they’re at it, the GOP should also advance legislation to repeal Obamacare’s frightening Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).   

In general (as I’ve written previously), partial repeal legislation is dangerous and should be avoided — Obamacare was passed as “comprehensive legislation,” and it needs to be repealed comprehensively. But sweeping away the residue of the CLASS Act is a no brainer, and the NICE-like nature of the IPAB hasn’t yet gotten nearly enough public attention. The more Obama is forced to defend the indefensible IPAB, and the more he stubbornly chooses to defend to the CLASS Act in the face of fiscal reality, the better.

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