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Obamacare, Already Adrift, Is Losing Steam

12:02 PM, May 1, 2013 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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And now even Obama is admitting — in his own detached, academic way — that, yes, “there will…be glitches and bumps” in the Obamacare rollout.  Indeed, it does seem like a safe bet that this administration, which can’t release a budget within two months of its legal due-date and can’t keep the planes running on time in the face of a mere 4 percent cut in Federal Aviation Administration funding, might well have a wee bit of trouble smoothly implementing a 2,700-page overhaul of American medicine and the mind-boggling 20,000 pages of regulations (and growing) that go along with it.

Now all that’s needed is for Republicans to offer a worthwhile replacement.

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