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Obamacare Marketplaces Will Function as Payment Clearinghouses for Insurers

2:01 PM, Sep 26, 2013 • By JERYL BIER
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The contract description of the services required included accounting, printing and mailing, tracking of accounts receivable and accounts payable, documenting funds collected by CMS, data validation, debt management functions, and referral of debt to the Department of the Treasury, among others.  When inquiry was made to CMS about how these services related to the function of the federal Marketplace, particularly relative to transactions between consumers and the Marketplace, Richard Olague of the Media Relations Group for CMS replied via email on Tuesday, September 24, "We’re working on getting you more information."  No additional reply has been received as of this time.

A single-payer national health system has been discussed for decades, but has never gained much popular support.  The structure of the state-run marketplaces, and possibly the federal marketplace, would go a long way in smoothing the path to such a system.  Businesses who use the exchanges will soon be remitting payments to the government for health insurance coverage, and even individuals will apparently have that option for the initial payment on their new policies.  The government already runs huge health insurance programs (Medicare and Medicaid), and the number of persons insured by Medicaid is expected to expand dramatically under the Affordable Care Act.  With more and more persons insured through the government and a growing number remitting payment for insurance through the government, the United States will certainly find itself closer than ever to national healthcare than at any time in its history.

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