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Obama's Medicare Plan: Rationing by Bureaucrats

The president's big plan for Medicare involves unelected bureaucrats making life or death decisions.

3:45 PM, Apr 14, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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As it stands now, IPAB produces pathetic savings compared to the over $30 trillion Medicare shortfall we're looking at. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that IPAB will produce just $2 billion in savings over the next decade -- if we're lucky. "In CBO's judgment, the probability is high that no savings will be realized," CBO director Douglas Elmendorf said of IPAB. Richard Foster, Medicare's chief actuary -- who is actually a part of the Obama administration -- has even gone on record with his skepticism about IPAB's promise to wring inefficiencies out of the system.

It seemed odd that the President would invest so much control in a board that wouldn't realize any savings. But after the President's budget speech, it seems like IPAB is more and more likely to be a trojan horse to for the serious comand-and-control rationing those on the left would really like to see in health care, despite it's political unpopularity.

No wonder the President isn't telling the truth about Ryan's Medicare plan, which would repeal IPAB. Once it becomes clear that the debate is over consumer choice versus unelected bureaucrats imposing price controls and rationing, the President knows he's unlikely to win that debate. 

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