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'Obsessively Promoted'

9:31 AM, Apr 30, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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According to Virginia-based trade publication Politico: "The Weekly Standard, the flagship publication for national security conservatives, has obsessively promoted [Congressman Tom] Cotton’s speeches and campaign activities." (Which might only be considered obsessive if one didn't compare our coverage of Cotton to Politico's coverage of the White House Correspondents Dinner.) Nevertheless, we don't want to disappoint our friends at Politico, so here's a link to their profile of Cotton:

Listening to Tom Cotton, you might think the Bush era never ended.

A few months into his first term in Congress, the 35-year-old Arkansas Republican and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars has distinguished himself as his party’s most aggressive next-generation advocate for military action overseas.

And Cotton’s positioning is more consequential than the average Capitol Hill maneuvers of a determined first-term lawmaker. Not only is Cotton seen as his party’s strongest recruit to run against Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor in 2014, but for a generation of hawkish Republican elites and executive-branch alumni, he has quickly been embraced if not as their last hope, then at least as their best hope for bringing the party back toward its post-9/11 consensus on foreign policy.

To the community of policymakers and elected officials who care passionately – and even exclusively – about a forward-leaning American national security posture, there is no Republican under the age of 40 with more riding on his career than Cotton.

By the way, the article cites a December Pew poll showing only 27 percent support for intervention in Syria. The latest Pew poll, just out, shows the public favoring intervention by 45-31 percent.  

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