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The Park Avenue Synagogue's Cuba Vacation

12:23 PM, Dec 26, 2011 • By ELLIOTT ABRAMS
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Would it not send a far stronger message to the Cuban regime if all those signed up for this trip—and the synagogue website reports that “The trip is now sold out”—cancelled and instead marched to the Cuban mission to the United Nations on Lexington Avenue and 38th Street, there to toss their visas into the trash? Judy Gross, Alan’s wife, said this week that “Alan is 62 years old, has lost 100 pounds in captivity, is increasingly mentally weak and depressed, and is losing all hope that he will ever see his mother again.” Will the synagogue group demand to see Gross? Will they march to the prison while in Havana? Or will they forget him?

It is perhaps unfair to pick on the Park Avenue Synagogue, which joins many other college and church groups in touring Cuba nowadays under the looser travel rules. But the Park Avenue group will be going there on January 25, just weeks after those heartbreaking words from Judy Gross and after the Castro regime once again refused to free her husband. So it is seems reasonable to ask, have they no shame at all?

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