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Rand Paul Campaign Rips Conway Ad that Depicts Paul as Anti-Christian

6:23 PM, Oct 16, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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The Paul campaign seems to think, perhaps rightly so, that addressing the specific charges in the ad is beneath them. But, just in case you're wondering, two years ago Paul came out against federally-funded faith-based initiatives, and his reasoning is not uncommon among Christians. Paul said in June 2008:

"One, I think the money sort of pollutes the mission of a purely Christian organization, or Muslim or whatever organization it is. And it obscures the church-state separation that there really ought to be. We shouldn’t have tax money flowing into churches, and we should let churches do charity work, and that’s wonderful, but they shouldn’t be corrupted with government money."

And, according to a Conway campaign background document, the charge about getting rid of the deduction for churches is based on Paul's support for the Fair Tax, which would eliminate the income tax, and therefore eliminate income tax deductions. The Fair Tax has also been supported by Marco ("God Is Real") Rubio and none other than ... Mike Huckabee.

More important than rebutting the specific falsehoods in Conway's ad is the broader point that the ad is a smear against Rand Paul's religion. Attacking a candidate's faith is ugly when Republicans do it. And it's ugly when Democrats do it. Conway should be ashamed.

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