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Thinks "those who disagree with him are sociopaths."

9:31 AM, May 5, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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As Clive Crook notes on Bloomberg, that while Paul Krugman does not suffer fools gladly, he does not necessarily believe that everyone “who disagrees with him [is] either a fool or a knave ... Many of those who disagree with him are sociopaths.”

Crook is actually a fan and notes:

As a young economist many years ago, I was in awe of [Krugman's] his ability to examine an economic problem in a new way and find something simple and crucial that others had missed. He did this again and again. A remarkable talent, humbling to watch. 


These days, when I read his column or his blog posts (such as one on April 29, which boasted that he’s more popular on the Web than celebrity gossip), I sometimes feel as though I were watching Albert Einstein on the Cooking Channel. Is this, I wonder, the best use of his gift? 

The answer to that question depends, probably, on whether you are asking a fool, a knave, or a sociopath.

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