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Paul Krugman Comes Out Against Obamacare?

10:00 AM, Sep 29, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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This was all predicated on the idea that Congress so feared voter wrath over Medicare cuts they would never take the necessary steps to get costs under control. Except we now know that's not true, because earlier this year, Republicans voted near unanimously in support of Rep. Paul Ryan's budget. Ryan's plan radically overhauls Medicare, bringing costs under control by allowing future seniors to purchase private Medicare coverage with government premium supports.

Naturally, Ryan's plan was immediately attacked by Paul Krugman, who declared that the "Ryan plan would end Medicare as we know it." Well, the alternative to Ryan's plan to let people purchase their own health coverage is IPAB, a.k.a. letting bureaucrats make painful cuts to health care spending on your behalf -- and it's already been passed into law. Which approach strikes you as more democratic? Before you answer that question, I'll just toss out a link to the obligatory Paul Krugman IPAB column where he calls those opposed to handing over 13 percent of the federal budget to unelected technocrats "profoundly irresponsible."

Funny how liberals such as Krugman are so skeptical about attempts to undermine democracy in the abstract, but are much more open to the idea when undermining democracy furthers their specific policy goals.

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