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Paul Ryan to Pro-Life Group: 'Good Legislation Will Help Us Change Hearts and Minds'

9:01 PM, Apr 11, 2013 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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We want to turn this vision into reality. And you are. Pro-life groups sponsor around 2,500 crisis-pregnancy centers across the country. That’s more than the number of abortion clinics. And many of these centers rely on donations—from people like you. My wife Janna and I also contribute. These centers serve about 2 million people a year. They offer adoption services, testing and treatment for STDs, ultrasounds, parenting classes, and counseling.

You’re not just protecting the innocent. You’re also helping the needy—in your churches and charity groups, like the Gabriel Network and Project Rachel. Take, for example, the Manhattan Bible Church. For 40 years, it’s run a soup kitchen and an elementary school for poor children. It’s fed over a million people and taught 90,000 students. Its members have adopted hundreds of children and counseled hundreds of drug addicts. This one church operates 40 ministries to “the least among us”—at no cost to the federal government.

Maybe the reason we don’t often talk about these stories is that we’re so used to them. They’re what we think of when we hear of the pro-life movement. Well, our job is to spread the news. By working with people of all beliefs, we can show the world the good work you’re doing. And we can win allies. That’s how you bring people into the fold. First you respect their views. Then you politely encourage them to change them.

These stories are the best advertisement for the pro-life movement. They’re the best way to “reclaim the human center” of this debate. But they can be undone in an instant—by a careless remark or an ugly sign. Yes, our side is held to a higher standard. But we’ve bound ourselves to a higher standard. The right to life is a higher standard. And it’s one we should be proud of.

Thank you.

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