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Paul Ryan on Proposed Defense Budget Cuts: 'Disappointing'

3:04 PM, Feb 24, 2014 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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The Republican chairman of the House Budget committee criticized the Obama administration's plans to shrink the defense budget in a statement. 

“The House Republican budgets have consistently met the needs of our military leadership," said Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican. "It’s disappointing that the President continues to use these vital funds as bargaining chips for higher taxes and more domestic spending."

Here's more on the Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's proposed defense budget cuts:

The plans, to be laid out in Hagel's first defense budget Monday, call for the entire fleet of Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft to be eliminated, the newspaper said, citing Pentagon officials ahead of Hagel's release of the spending plan.

The twin-engine jet is the only Air Force aircraft designed solely for close air support of ground forces. It was developed in the 1970s to attack Soviet tanks in case of a European invasion -- capabilities the Pentagon deems less relevant today, the Times said.

The proposed budget includes limits on military pay raises, higher fees for military healthcare benefits and less generous military housing allowances, the Wall Street Journal said.

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