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Paul Ryan Talks 2012, Town Hall Protesters, Medicare, Tax Reform, and More!

8:00 AM, Apr 28, 2011 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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One concession some Republicans would like in exchange for a debt ceiling vote is a balanced budget amendment, which has the support of all 47 Senate Republicans. That amendment requires the federal budget to be balanced 5 years after its ratified (about 10 to 12 years from today in the unlikely scenario that it actually won approval of three-fourths of the states).

Isn't that problematic for Ryan, since his budget gradually eliminates the deficit over two and a half decades? Not necessarily, he says.

"You'd have to have faster economic growth with low interest rates" to achieve balance in shorter time. "You'd have to run models [that predict greater growth than CBO does], and it'd take a while, to figure out whether you could get there or not" in the next 12 years.

Ryan faces more questions from constituents Thursday and Friday when he'll conclude his 19th town hall meeting of the last two weeks.

It's been a busy recess, but Ryan says he's "having fun" and enjoying time with his family. "We had Chinese food last night," he says. "We're halfway through a game of Monopoly that we're gonna go finish after dinner."

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