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Pawlenty's In

12:44 PM, May 23, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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It's now official: Tim Pawlenty is running for president. 

In Des Moines, Iowa, the former Minnesota governor just delivered the following announcement: 

Thanks, Mary, for your very kind words and for your tremendous love and support. After serving eight years as Minnesota's Governor, I was very much looking forward to life with Mary, and our daughters, in the Midwestern home we love.  But with Mary's encouragement and wise counsel, we came to a different conclusion.  And that brings me here today with this announcement.  

I'm Tim Pawlenty, and I'm running for President of the United States. 

We live in the greatest country the world has ever known.  But, as we all know, America is in big trouble, and it won't get fixed if we keep going down the same path.  If we want a new and better direction, we need a new and better President.

President Obama's policies have failed. But more than that, he won't even tell us the truth about what it's really going to take to get out of the mess we're in.

I could stand here and tell you that we can solve America's debt crisis and fix our economy without making any tough choices. 

But we've heard those kinds of empty promises for the last three years, and we know where they've gotten us.     Fluffy promises of hope and change don't buy our groceries, make our mortgage payments, put gas in our cars, or pay for our children’s clothes.  

So, in my campaign, I'm going to take a different approach.  I am going to tell you the truth. The truth is, Washington's broken.

Our country is going broke, and the pain of the recent recession will pale in comparison to what's coming, if we don't get spending in Washington D.C. under control. President Obama doesn't have an economic plan.  He just has a campaign plan.  America deserves much better.

Barack Obama promised that spending eight hundred billion dollars on a pork-filled stimulus bill would keep unemployment under eight percent.  He promised that bailouts for well-connected businesses were a good deal for the country.   He promised that a federal takeover of health care would keep costs under control.  And hard as it is to believe, he even promised the deficit would be cut in half in his first term!

But the truth is, since President Obama took office, massive numbers of Americans  can't find a job.  We're four trillion dollars deeper in debt.  And his health care plan is an unmitigated disaster for our country.

We've tried Barack Obama's way . . . and his way has failed.  Three years into his term, we're no longer just running out of money.  We're running out of time. 

It's time for new leadership.  It's time for a new approach.  And, it's time for America's president - and anyone who wants to be president - to look you in the eye and tell you the truth.  So here it is.

Government money isn't "free."  You and I either pay for it in taxes, or our children pay for it in debt.  The reforms we need are not in the billions, but in the trillions of dollars.  And the cuts we need to make - the cuts we must make - can't just be to somebody else's programs.

The changes history is calling on America to make today cannot be shouldered only by people richer than us or poorer than us - but by us, too.

Politicians are often afraid that if they're too honest, they might lose an election.  I'm afraid that in 2012, if we're not honest enough, we may lose our country. 

If we want to grow our economy, we need to shrink our government.  If we want to create jobs, we need to encourage job creators.  If we want our children to be free to pursue their dreams, we can't shackle them with our debts.

This is a time for truth. 

That's why later this week, I'm going to New York City, to tell Wall Street that if I'm elected, the era of bailouts, handouts, and carve outs will be over.  No more subsidies, no more special treatment.  No more Fannie and Freddie, no more TARP, and no more "too big to fail." 

Success in our economy must once again be determined by the ingenuity of competing businesses and the judgment of the marketplace, period.

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