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10:28 PM, Aug 29, 2011 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Last week, the Almighty expressed His displeasure over Paul Ryan's decision not to run for president by sending us an earthquake and a storm. But Ryan still refuses to reconsider. So we at THE WEEKLY STANDARD have put dreams of Ryan-Rubio 2012 on hold, and have turned our attention to other possible GOP tickets.

Susana Martinez

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

As Michael Warren pointed out earlier today, Rick Perry now seems to be the Republican frontrunner. Who might his running mate be? Obvious possibilities are Ryan or Rubio—or Mitch Daniels (a successful Midwestern governor who's not part of the mess in D.C. but who could reassure some voters with his serious federal government experience). But this news story suggests someone else Perry would surely want to consider: New Mexico governor Susana Martinez.

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