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Petition to Fire George Will Launched By Wife of White House Media Director

7:07 AM, Jun 12, 2014 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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And so I ask a genuinely scary question: does the broader progressive movement, which includes the White House media team, believe in free speech? By that I mean the actual kind of free speech, not the increasingly common progressive view where you profess fealty to the First Amendment as an anachronistic legal technicality solely so you can deflect criticism when someone calls out your totalitarian impulses. Real free speech means a culture of free speech, where we all confront opinions that bother us, in the understanding that regularly challenging our assumptions makes us a more thoughtful, cohesive, and, yes, tolerant people.

I think we can safely conclude that Chaudhary and Lee don't believe in the meaningful kind of free speech. Certainly, the demand to fire George Will and otherwise pressure the Washington Post is punitive and calculated to enforce conformity of thought on a difficult and contentious topic, not promote understanding. And when the common response to disagreeable opinions becomes political organizers unleashing social media lynch mobs, it opens a backdoor to total oppression.

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