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Pew: 48 Percent Oppose Health Bill

Congress and Obama are in trouble.

10:05 AM, Mar 18, 2010 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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More bad news for Democrats in the latest Pew survey. Forty-eight percent oppose the health bill, 38 percent approve. Obama's job approval is down to 46 percent, with 43 percent disapproval. A majority says health care costs will increase despite passage of health care reform. Ask voters what they think of Congress, and the four words you are most likely to hear are “dysfunctional,” “corrupt,” “self-serving,” and “inept.” "Tickle fight" didn't make the cut.

Pew: 48 Percent Oppose Health Bill

On a brighter note, the public continues to admire and like Obama personally, even if they are deeply divided when evaluating his job performance. And voters also say the war in Afghanistan is improving. Prosecution of the war there continues to be one of the president's strongest issues.

Even so, the more time the Democrats spend on health care, the worse their political situation becomes. A new PPP poll gives the GOP a three-point lead in the generic ballot. Republicans are intensely enthusiastic about the midterm election while Democrats are not. Obama's Gallup numbers are no good. And yet the Democrats press on and on and on.

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