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Politicizing Intelligence

ADVANCE COPY from the February 15, 2010 issue: The Obama Administration leaks and spins.

1:07 PM, Feb 5, 2010 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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It is understandable that the White House would be eager to try to spin away the incompetence on display in the aftermath of the Christmas Day bombing, and to explain away the deleterious national security implications of the administration’s stubborn insistence on treating terrorists as criminal suspects who need to be read their rights like ordinary criminal suspects. 

But it’s also understandable that Kit Bond and other members of Congress are outraged: “After telling me to keep my mouth shut, the White House discloses sensitive information in an effort to defend a dangerous and unpopular decision to mirandize Abdulmutallab, and I’m supposed to apologize?”

The American people have reason to be concerned for our security—and outraged about the administration’s putting politics first.

—Stephen F. Hayes

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