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PolitiFact’s Parent Paper Endorses Obama

2:50 PM, Oct 23, 2012 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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In terms of fiscal policy, Obama “would end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.”  Moreover, he would “reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years.”  (Does anyone, aside from the Times and its creation PolitiFact — whose needle is once again is off on this one (as usual, by two spots) — believe this deficit-cutting whopper about a president under whom we’ve spent nearly $11 for every $7 we’ve had?) 

The Times also praises Obamacare's “$716 billion in Medicare savings,” which “extends Medicare’s life by eight years, to 2024.”  (The Times never stops to ask how this $716 billion can be used both to extend the life of Medicare and to fund Obamacare — or to ask how this $716 billion in Obamacare funding, which the Congressional Budget Office says would come from Medicare, would otherwise materialize.)  Heck, the Times even praises Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), lauding “the creation of an independent panel” to recommend “more efficiencies” in Medicare.  (This phrase should send a shudder down seniors’ spines.)

In stark contrast, “Romney would transform Medicare into a voucher program.”  (Never mind that seniors wouldn’t get a voucher under Romney’s proposal but would simply have a choice of plans and would communicate their choice directly to the government.  And never mind that, by the Times’s definition, this would mean that the popular Medicare Part D prescription drug program is also “a voucher program.”)  The Times predictably writes that Romney also “promises to cut taxes by $5 trillion but won’t say which loopholes or tax breaks he would end to cover the cost.”  What’s more, Romney “wants to reduce the federal deficit while increasing spending on defense beyond what even the Pentagon requests,” an approach that “could only add up” to “tax increases on the middle class.”  (One wonders:  Did Team Obama actually write this endorsement?) 

The Times concludes, “Obama has capably steered the nation through an incredibly difficult period at home and abroad, often with little help from Congress,” and has thereby “proven himself worthy of a second term.”

In short, the Times is the ideal Obama supporter — equal parts committed and credulous.  Surely its progeny, PolitiFact, can be trusted as an impartial, unbiased arbiter of all that is uttered in the realm of political speech, right?

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