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Polls: Romney Up in Florida, Obama Down in Northern Swing States

5:46 PM, Sep 28, 2011 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Mitt Romney with a six-point lead, at 30 percent, among Florida primary voters. Rick Perry is in second with 24 percent--the first time the Texas governor has not lead in a PPP poll in a Southern state since he entered the race.

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According to PPP, the race in Florida appears to be between Perry and Romney, as Newt Gingrich comes in a far third with 10 percent, while the remaining candidates all poll in the single digits. (Herman Cain, who won last week's Florida Presidency V straw poll, received 7 percent.) Read the full results of the poll here.

Meanwhile, a few new polls from Quinnipiac University show that margins are tightening in Ohio and Pennsylvania, two key swing states the president won in 2008. The GOP front-runners trail Obama by just a few percentage points in these states.

In Pennsylvania, 54 percent of those polled (and 57 percent of independents) disapprove of Obama's job as president. And in a general election match up against Romney, Obama only beats him by 2 points, 45-43, within the 2.7 margin of error. Obama does slightly better with Pennsylvania voters when Rick Perry is the hypothetical nominee, beating Perry 46-40.

Ohio voters have a similar assessment of Obama's job performance. Fifty-three percent of Ohioans disapprove of Obama, including 56 percent of independents. In addition, Romney trails Obama by two points in a general election match up (44-42), while Perry trails Obama by three points (44-41).

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