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PPP: Iowa Republicans Are Raising Cain

3:39 PM, Oct 11, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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The latest PPP survey of “probable Iowa caucusgoers” shows dramatic changes over the past two months in the Republican race in Iowa. Since August, Herman Cain is up 23 percentage points (to 30 percent), Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are up 3 points apiece (to 22 and 8 percent, respectively), Rick Santorum hasn’t moved (from 5 percent), Ron Paul is down 6 points (to 10 percent), Michele Bachmann is down 10 points (to 8 percent), and Rick Perry is down 13 points (to 9 percent). 

The poll shows the candidates’ favorability ratings as follows: Cain, +46 points (63 percent “favorable,” 17 percent “unfavorable”); Gingrich, +24 (56 to 32 percent); Romney, +15 (51 to 36); Bachmann, +6 (44 to 38); Perry, -3 (38 to 41); and Paul, -9 (37 to 46).   

Asked how they would vote if the race “came down to Mitt Romney and Herman Cain,” 48 percent of respondents said they would vote for Cain, compared to 38 percent for Romney. Asked how they would vote if the race “came down to Mitt Romney and Rick Perry,” 46 percent said Romney, while 37 percent said Perry.

The polls’ respondents split relatively evenly among those who consider themselves to be “very conservative” (36 percent), “somewhat conservative” (36 percent), or “moderate” or “liberal” (28 percent). Only 29 percent said that they consider themselves to be “a member of the Tea Party.” 

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