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PPP: Majority of Voters Don't Care to Continue Kennedy Legacy

3:57 PM, Jan 19, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Back during the Massachusetts primary, I posited that "without a national symbol whom we are compelled by history and a constant barrage of media retrospectives to think of as a symbol of our national coming of age, hope lost and later lionized, Democratic primary politics can be a real bore, especially with the contenders grappling so desperately for the Kennedy mantle."

Turns out, the voters agree with me about the tiresome nature of the Kennedy legacy pitch. While 63 percent say they appreciate what Teddy Kennedy did for the state,

...only 47% of voters say they want the state's new Senator to carry on Kennedy's legacy. Among those who do Martha Coakley unsurprisingly leads 88-8. But 53% of voters either don't want his replacement to continue Kennedy's work or don't care and with those folks Scott Brown is up 90-6.

The Camelot allure was inevitably going to get weaker as we moved further and further from the time of JFK. I think it's healthy for democracy that politicians in the Bay State have been forced to revert to pitching themselves instead of the Kennedy myth so soon.

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