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Praise for Paul Ryan's Budget

12:11 PM, Apr 5, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Connecticut senator and former Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, on Paul Ryan's budget: 

I thank Chairman Ryan for having the courage not just to talk frankly about the danger America's national debt poses to the American people but also to propose a comprehensive program to cut the national debt. One does not have to agree with all or most of Chairman Ryan's proposals to be able to applaud his serious commitment to reduce the debt that threatens our nation's future. I look forward to reading and studying Paul’s proposals. I hope it will begin an open and honest national conversation about exactly what we can do together to bring our government's books into balance.  More of us in Congress from both sides of the aisle need to step forward to embrace comprehensive solutions to address this problem. Now is not the time for half-measures or politics as usual, and Chairman Ryan has recognized this reality by offering his plan.  Let us now work together to forge and pass bi-partisan legislation that puts our country on a course to restore fiscal responsibility and places entitlement programs on a sound financial footing.

Speaker of the House John Boehner:

“The American people understand we can’t continue spending money we don’t have, especially when doing so is making it harder to create jobs and get our economy back on track.  The Administration has put forward a budget for next year that raises taxes by $1.5 trillion and is silent on our debt crisis, a surefire recipe for destroying jobs.  Our budget will help spur job creation today, stop spending money we don’t have, and lift the crushing burden of debt that threatens our children’s future.  It also recognizes Americans are concerned not just about how much government spends, but how government spends it, and keeps our pledge to set strict budget caps that limit federal spending on annual basis.  Most importantly, this budget shows families and small businesses that we’re serious about dealing with America’s spending illness so we can put our country on a path to prosperity.  
“Chairman Ryan and the members of the Budget Committee have done an excellent job putting together a budget worthy of the American people.  I hope every American concerned about our country’s future will take a look at it.”

House majority leader Eric Cantor:

We had a Conference meeting last night, and we had a Conference meeting this morning. Our Members are resolute in wanting to see that we can cut as much spending as possible, so we can get our fiscal house in order, so we can begin to see people get back to work in this country. Our Members are embracing this budget that actually leads. I think that the point has to be made that the White House refused to take the tough issues on, and that’s what Chairman Ryan and his Budget Committee are going to do today. They are going to demonstrate that Republicans are serious about leading. We're serious about resolving problems in this town so that people across the country can get their lives back in order, get back to work and continue to compete and lead again.

The White House has increased the likelihood of a shutdown in dismissing out of hand a vehicle that we have put forward to say, look we don’t want a shutdown. Again, our Members are very concerned to make sure that our troops are funded and they are paid regardless. That is our real concern. We've got real lives on the line in harm's way. None of us want to see a govenrment shutdown, we just want to cut spending. We've got to change the status quo in this town. That’s what our budget is about long-term and frankly that’s what we are trying to do short term. It is a lack of leadership in the Senate that has brought us to where we are over the last couple months, it's the fact that the Democrats didn’t pass as budget or any appropriations bills last year, that has brought us to where we are. We are changing the dynamic here. It's tough business, our Members are ready to do what is necessary to solve problems. We need the White House and the Senate to go along with us.

House majority whip Kevin McCarthy:

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