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In This Present Time, Sustainable Conservatism

2:05 PM, Mar 13, 2013 • By FRED BAUER
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In a cherished piece of Constitutional lore, Benjamin Franklin tells those gathered outside the Constitutional Convention that the Convention had given the United States "a republic...if you can keep it." Sustainable conservatism would be about recognizing the challenges and rewards of keeping that republic. It would search for a popular prosperity, where Americans from all walks of life could seek to improve their lots and have a real hope of economic security. It would aim to make government regulations serve the public good rather than enrich the politically connected. It would realize the virtues of decentralization while also recognizing that all Americans are in this civil ship together.  Instead of celebrating selfishness or the faux-sympathy of Big Brother, it would argue for a politics of personal empathy and individual empowerment. Sustaining a free republic is both a moral and a technical enterprise, and sustainable conservatism would take on both aspects of this challenge in order to preserve the promise that was founded in this nation so many years ago.

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