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Pulp Fiction?

Will the current deep-freeze drive the price of orange juice up?

3:30 PM, Jan 7, 2010 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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Analysts are predicting that the blast of cold weather over much of the country will damage this year's orange crops, ultimately leading to more expensive orange juice at your local supermarket, thus adding to the burden of Americans with tighter budgets. According to the Associated Press, "The cold weather comes at the peak of the orange crop season and could severely damage the supply for the year. A sharp drop in the supply of fresh oranges would push demand for frozen orange juice concentrate higher." Florida governor Charlie Crist has already allowed for aid to be provided for farmers in need. If only temperatures were warming...

Of course the orange crop estimate could be totally wrong, as famously happened once before. As Naga Eboko would say, "Merry New Year!"

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