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Rasmussen: Romney Takes the Lead

3:40 PM, Oct 6, 2012 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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In its first national polling taken mostly after Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Rasmussen Reports shows Mitt Romney up 2 points on President Obama (49 to 47 percent).  Before the debate, Obama was up 2 points on Romney (49 to 47 percent). Among independent voters, Romney now leads by 16 points (54 to 38 percent).

Mitt Romney

Rasmussen’s write-up says, “The generation gap remains wide.  Obama leads by double digits among those under 40.  Romney leads by double digits among those over 40.”  With a spirited performance during his debate next week against Vice President Biden, however, Paul Ryan may be able to make a dent in Obama’s advantage among younger voters — many of whom are poised to respond to a powerfully delivered anti-Obamacare, anti-debt, pro-growth message.

About two-thirds of Rasmussen’s latest polling was taken after the presidential debate.  The poll that Rasmussen will release tomorrow morning will be the first taken entirely after the debate and will show whether Romney’s debate bounce was even greater than the 4 points that it looks to be right now.  Rasmussen is the first polling outfit to have released a poll taken mostly after the debate.

In terms of the electoral map, Rasmussen shows the race to be essentially dead-even.  But most of Rasmussen’s latest state-by-state polling in the key swing states was taken prior to the debate.  So Romney may not only have the momentum but also the lead — not just nationally, but also electorally.

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