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Reaction to Ryan, cont.

10:44 AM, Aug 19, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Ryan Streeter continues collecting reaction to the prospect of a Paul Ryan run for president: 


Mr. Ryan should run for President because he is the most articulate and effective national voice for limited government since Ronald Reagan. He can articulate not only the strategy and tactics to limit government power and spending, but why it is important.  I believe Congressman Ryan represents conservatives' best opportunity to build a majority electorate and governing consensus to achieve limited government and restore public confidence. 

Michael - Memphis, TN

There is no one better than Paul Ryan to make the argument for reduced government spending and putting our nation's finances on a sustainable path. No one.

Bill - Chicago, IL

Young, intelligent, family oriented, values based, excellent debater, most knowledgeable person in Washington on our biggest problem – deficit spending, able to explain ideas to all voters, willing to take on tough issues, concerned about First Principles.

Ken - Pacific Palisades, CA

Congressman Ryan: I strongly urge you to run for President in 2012.  No other current GOP candidate, in my opinion, has a coherent plan to get Washington's fiscal house in order.  You alone have studied the problems and most importantly, display the necessary will to put us back on a path to prosperity for future generations. God speed!

Nancy - Niles, IL

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And Michael Medved offers five reasons why Paul Ryan should run in the Daily Beast

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