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A Referendum on Obamacare

7:48 AM, Oct 25, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Jeff Anderson writes in the New York Post:

Above all else, the coming election is about ObamaCare.

Democrats wish it were about the economy. Polls show that voters still blame the downturn more on President George W. Bush than on President Obama or the Democratic Congress. Sure, the Democrats haven't turned the economy around, but things also haven't gotten markedly worse. How could they face historic losses over an economic situation that voters think they inherited more than they created?

It's this point -- sensible in a vacuum -- that presumably has led The New York Times to maintain across months -- and as late as last week -- that if House races simply kept leaning the way they were leaning, the Democrats would hold Congress. The Times' prognosticators couldn't fathom why anything else would so anger voters, so they assumed that the Democrats would survive.

That was a fantasy. The Democrats have lost independents. The latest Rasmussen generic congressional-ballot poll shows independents favoring Republicans over Democrats by (gulp) 17 percentage points. And Republicans are motivated, while Democrats aren't. According to American University researcher Curtis Gans, in this year's primaries, GOP turnout surpassed Democratic turnout for the first time since the Hoover administration -- and by a wide margin: 57 percent to 43 percent.

What could be generating such a historic enthusiasm gap between the parties while also causing so many independents to jump ship from the Democrats? Federal spending, federal debt, federal indifference to popular desires -- all of which is captured in one word: ObamaCare.

Whole thing here.

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