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Relishing the Hot Dog

Former big-league pitcher Dirk Hayhurst tears apart baseball’s unwritten rules.

12:05 PM, Jun 6, 2014 • By LEE SMITH
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Naturally, coach after coach after coach screamed at us for turning our caps around. "It's not how you're supposed to wear the cap. It's not respecting the uniform. It's not how a ballplayer should look." And yet, it's what we liked. We thought it was cool. It made the game more enjoyable for us without affecting anyone else. It made us want to be baseball players.

Hayhurst is right. What makes kids want to be ball players, from childhood to the grave, isn’t some arbitrary and contradictory set of rules to be enforced lest one’s manhood suffer some unconscionable indignity. Baseball is supposed to be fun and thanks to players from Ruth to Griffey, and Puig to my late friend the catcher it is. And so—Goodnight, Irene! 

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