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The 9/11 Generation

8:05 AM, Sep 11, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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William Kristol: "The 9/11 Generation."

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Dean Barnett: "The 9/11 Generation: Better than the Boomers."

Charlotte Allen: "The Universities’ 9/11: Prepare for a season of intellectual posturing and Islamic outreach." 

Matt Labash: "South Toward Hell: The sad streets of New York."

Matt Labash: "A Year of Firsts and Lasts: Edlene LaFrance remembers her husband, murdered by Mohamed Atta."

Jonathan V. Last: "A Site to Remember: No design debate. No media noise. Just quiet visitors honoring Flight 93. Lots of them."

Matthew Continetti: "September 11, 2001."

William Kristol: "How We Memorialize 9/11—and What it Says About Us."

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