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10:46 AM, Aug 27, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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·         The convention will draw upwards of 50,000 guests to the Tampa Bay area during what is traditionally one of the slowest tourist seasons for the region.

·         The event will provide an opportunity for the Tampa Bay area to put its best foot forward in front of a World audience: the convention expects to draw 15,000 credentialed media representatives representing every continent except Antarctica – a press corps twice the size of the Royal Wedding.

·         The Republican National Convention will have a total economic impact of at least $153 million in the Tampa Bay area.

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·         Americans are a determined, hard-working and proud people, but we are now a nation struggling under the weight of unemployment, poverty and debt caused by President Obama’s policies.

·         While we are disappointed in the President, we have never lost faith in ourselves and each other, and we know that with capable and courageous leadership, we can restore America’s greatness. 

·         This week, America will begin to see Mitt Romney’s vision of a future where:

o   Free enterprise is nurtured and our children’s successes are celebrated, not attacked;

o   Education, hard work and thrift are congratulated and rewarded;

o   Taxpayers are respected and government operates within responsible budgets

o   Children are more successful than their parents;

o   We never waver in our commitment to care for our seniors, the less fortunate and the veterans whose sacrifice made us free. 

·         This election presents a choice between two different visions for our nation’s future, and  how we will address the challenges we face 


·         Four years ago, Barack Obama promised hope and change. Today, he offers excuses -- even suggesting that we should accept “sky high” unemployment as a “new normal.

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