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LeBron James Brings the High Cost of Bad Policy to the Fore

Public policy helps determine where economic activity occurs.

5:30 AM, Jul 22, 2010 • By JIM PREVOR
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How helpful it would have been for Michelle Obama to address the security problem directly, acknowledging that one benefit of solving that public policy problem, would be that, freed of the need to spend a half million a year on security, lots more retailers would open in underserved areas. Instead of facing up to the public policy problem, though, she is looking to spend money directly to de facto compensate individual retailers for these high costs of doing business – and doing nothing to resolve the root problem.

As Republicans approach the next election, they need to position themselves as something more than just the party of austerity. How about pushing for legislation prohibiting each state from engaging in ad hoc negotiations for incentives, or from valuing high profile or new employers more than any other taxpayer? How about fighting against federal spending that “enables” states and localities to maintain counter-productive policies?

Through his actions, LeBron James showed America that public policy matters in determining where economic activity occurs. Republicans should fight against programs that obscure this truth from voters.

Jim Prevor is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Media Network, Inc., a business-to-business media company specializing in the food industry.

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