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Republicans Hit Obama, Jack Lew for Violating the Law on Medicare

8:35 AM, Feb 6, 2013 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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The Obama administration seems to have had great difficulty following the laws of the land of late.  It has refused to obey the legal requirements, imposed by its own economic “stimulus” (which at last count had cost American taxpayers an estimated $317,000 for every job created or saved), that it must produce quarterly reports on the stimulus’s progress.  Obama’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board have refused to abide by the recent ruling of federal judges, who declared Obama’s “recess” appointments to be unconstitutional.  Obama’s appointees to the Department of Health and Human Services reportedly told UnitedHealth Group not to alert the Securities and Exchange Commission about a controversial transaction, lest it hurt Obama’s reelection chances.  That same department instituted a plan of dubious legality, at great taxpayer expense, to try to cover up Obamacare’s effects on Medicare Advantage until after the election. And Obama continues to issue unilateral decrees that sound more like laws than like executive actions.

Then again, Obama did plainly express his intention of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” 

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