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Reunion of the Deaniacs

9:10 AM, Jun 22, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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It was the cause; not the man.  Dean’s followers loved him for his unequivocal stands but they wouldn’t have loved him if he’d taken an equally firm position in favor of the war.

Dean didn’t make it, flaming out, unforgettably, in Iowa. But the cause survived and was appropriated by someone whose skills were more refined.  This story has precedent.  Goldwater was a loser but his cause and his armies survived and rallied around Reagan.  McGovern was a loser but his cause became his party’s identity.

On the other hand, losing campaigns built on polls, focus groups, and timidity leave no footprint.  

There is a lesson in the reunion of Dean’s troops this weekend.  One Rand Paul seems to have learned.

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