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Rhetorical 'Hissy Fits' and Labor's Violent Legacy

12:21 PM, Sep 7, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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And as such, isn't it possible that the people throwing the "hissy fit" here are Sargent and his fellow Democratic apologists for wanting to be excused from the same asinine rules of debate they keep trying to foist on their opposition?

UPDATE: To be fair to Sargent, he did eventually write in a later blog post that "it's wrong to blame the Arizona shooting on any specific conservative commentators, officials, or personalities." I don't think that materially changes anything I've said about what he wrote above in relation to the attempt to establish a rhetorical double standard, and his position on whether or not criticizing obviously metaphorical rhetoric is a valid concern or baselessly deligitimizing still seems largely dependent on the politics of who is speaking.

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