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Rick Perry's Closing Argument?

12:27 PM, Dec 29, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry seems to be offering his closing argument for caucusgoers in Iowa in this 30-second television spot:

“The fox guarding the henhouse is like asking a congressman to fix Washington: bad idea,” the voiceover says. “Their years in Congress left us with debt, bailouts. Congressmen get paid $174,000 a year. We get the bill. We need a solution.”

The ad (which is animated up until that point) cuts to Perry, speaking at a debate: “That’s the reason I’ve called for a part-time Congress. Cut their pay in half, cut their time in Washington in half, cut their staff in half, send ’em home. Let ’em get a job like everybody else back home has.”

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