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The Roadmap for America's Energy Future

Can Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., provide America with a much-needed comprehensive energy policy?

11:42 AM, Mar 2, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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And perhaps the most impressive part of the legislation is that it won’t cost taxpayers a thing. If the name of the legislation -- "A Roadmap for America’s Energy Future" -- sounds similar to Wisconsin Republican and budget hawk Paul Ryan’s much discussed "A Roadmap for America's Future,"  it’s no accident.

“What we’re saying is that you can do all this is have a national energy policy and not spend any money,” Nunes said. Ryan was involved in helping Nunes shape his bill, and it was important to both men that the bill “score zero” with the Congressional Budget Office.

“The bottom line is that this produces more energy than any plan out there -- including more renewable energy, even solar panels and windmills,” Nunes said. “And on the nuclear side, it would totally transform our economy. I would argue that it would do more for jobs than any legislation out there.”

Republicans who look closely at Nunes’s bill will probably ask themselves, What’s not to like? That might prove to be a difficult question for Democrats to answer.

Summary of the Energy Roadmap

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