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Robert Gibbs Goes Dane Cook: Steals Jokes from Sarah Palin to Make Fun of Her

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2:10 PM, Feb 9, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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In a White House briefing where the president showed up (because Howard Kurtz wrote a column) to talk about his bipartisan health-care summit and getting beyond politics to solve problems, the White House press secretary used the dumbest political story of the week to take a shot at a former governor and Fox News Contributor from the podium.

Robert Gibbs Goes Dane Cook: Steals Jokes from Sarah Palin to Make Fun of Her

Dane Cook, noted comedian and joke stealer.

Earlier this week, the Left was up in arms over Sarah Palin's hands. She had written notes to herself on her palm for her Tea Party Convention speech and Q&A. Why this is a problem for the supporters of the TelePrompter in Chief is beyond me, but that fact that it's the only problem they had with her speech illustrates how good the speech was.

Gibbs went petty today, as he so often does, by scribbling notes on his palm today, featuring "eggs, milk, bread, hope and change."

This would have been funny if Sarah Palin hadn't already made the joke, and better, herself.

Palin wrote "Hi, Mom" on her hand before a Sunday rally for Rick Perry in the wake of the uproar over her hand notes the day before. It was one of those moments that, for any person not caught up in Palin Derangement Syndrome, should have made crystal clear why people love her. For all his strengths, Barack Obama is capable of nothing like that sort of folksy self-deprecation.

Gibbs' joke kind of loses its punch when its subject has already made it. Plus, now the Left is forced to write about how totally lame Palin's joke was while simultaneously praising Gibbs' truly lame copy of it. That's gonna be some tough blog-writing, but I believe in them.

All this to say...Robert Gibbs is the Dane Cook of political humor. I hope he's proud of himself.

Update: And, Gibbs was actually the third person to make the joke, after Keith Olbermann's cringe-inducing segment. I'm not asking for a cease-fire on Sarah Palin (although I think there's a strong argument to make that making fun of her is not in the White House's best interest right now), but a little less laziness would be appreciated.

Update: Hey, good one, Andrea Mitchell! That makes Gibbs fourth with that joke on national television, if you're still keeping track.

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