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Romney Targets Hispanics in Latest Web Ad

8:01 AM, Jun 5, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The latest web ad from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney targets Hispanic voters, and argues that President Obama's policies are hurting these voters:

"The Obama campaign recently released a Spanish-language web ad asserting that 'we're on the right path,'" the Romney campaign says with the release of this ad. "Mitt Romney disagrees and believes that rising unemployment and more Hispanics in poverty is not the 'right path' for our country. America can do better and, with Mitt Romney as president, we will."

Here's the script: 

VIDEO TEXT: “President Obama’s Ads In Spanish Are Saying Things Are Going In The Right Direction” 

VIDEO TEXT: “Obama Campaign Ad” 

WOMAN IN OBAMA VIDEO: “Todavía no hemos llegado a donde queremos llegar. Pero sabemos que vamos en el camino correcto”. 

·         SUBTITLE: “We still have not arrived at where we want to be. But we know that we’re on the right path.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Since Obama Took Office, Unemployment For Hispanics Is Up”  

VIDEO TEXT: “In Dismal Jobs Report, Unemployment Rate Of Minority Workers Rises”

VIDEO TEXT: “In The Last Month, Hispanic Unemployment Went From 10.3% To 11%”

 VIDEO TEXT: “Unemployment Jumps To 11 Percent Among Latinos, Report Says”

VIDEO TEXT: “More Hispanics Have Fallen Into Poverty Under President Obama”

VIDEO TEXT: “Childhood Poverty Among Hispanics Sets Record, Leads Nation”

WOMAN IN OBAMA AD: “Sabemos Que Vamos En El Camino Correcto”

·         SUBTITLE: “We know that we’re on the right path.” 

VIDEO TEXT: “Really?”

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