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Romney's Victory Speech

11:33 PM, Feb 28, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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We’ve seen enough of this President over the last three years to know that we don’t need another four.  President Obama believes he is unchecked by our Constitution.  He is unresponsive to the will of our people.  In a second term, he would be unrestrained by the demands of re-election. If there is one thing we cannot afford, it is four years of Barack Obama with nothing to answer to.

His budget foreshadows what lies ahead.  Runaway spending and record debt were just the warm-up act.  For an encore, he wants to raise taxes on job creators and small businesses and families. We will not let him!

In this campaign, I am offering a real choice and a new direction.  I have a plan that will restore America’s promise through more jobs, less debt, and smaller government.

President Obama is making the federal government bigger, burdensome, and bloated.  I will make it simpler, smaller, and smarter.

He raised the national debt.  I will cut, cap, and balance the budget.

He passed Obamacare.  I’ll repeal it.

He lost our AAA credit rating; I’ll restore it.

He rejected the Keystone Pipeline.  I’ll approve it.  I will open up our lands for development, so we can finally get the energy we need at a price we can afford.

When it comes to the economy, my highest priority will be worrying about your job, not saving my own. 

President Obama wants to raise your taxes.  I will cut them.  That starts with an across-the-board, 20% rate cut for every American.  I will repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax and abolish the death tax. 

He’s proposed tax increases on small businesses and job creators.  I will lower the corporate tax rate to 25%.  I will make the R&D tax credit permanent to foster innovation.  And I will end the repatriation tax to return investment to our shores.  Let’s finally have a tax plan that puts people to work.

President Obama’s budget raises taxes on savings and investment.  I will help America’s middle class families save and invest tax-free. 

President Obama has yet to offer a single serious proposal for saving Medicare or Social Security.  I have a plan to save both – and, unlike him, I have the courage to put my plan on the table.

My plans will help create jobs and raise wages.  They will strengthen entitlement programs for future generations.  And they will not add to our deficit – they will abolish it. 

I have a plan to get our citizens back to work – and I have the experience to get our economy back on track.  I spent 25 years in business.  I have been the steward of an Olympics and the leader of a state.  I’ve cut taxes 19 times.  I’ve turned a budget shortfall into a windfall.  I know how government kills jobs – and, yes, how it can help.  And I stand ready to lead our Party to victory – and our nation to prosperity.

This is our time for choosing – and this is a choice we must get right.  I have said it before – and I firmly believe – that this campaign is about saving the soul of America.

This election will come down to two very different visions for our future. 

It’s a choice between becoming a nation of and by Washington … and remaining a nation of and by a free people.

A choice between an entitlement society … and a land of opportunity.

A choice between squandering America’s promise … and restoring that promise for future generations.

If you want to make this election about restoring American greatness, then I hope you will join us.

If you believe the disappointments of the last few years are a detour, not our destiny, then I need your support.

I’m asking you to get out and vote.  I’m asking you to go to mitt-romney-dot-com and pledge your support.  I’m asking you to join in the fight for our freedom – and ensure that tomorrow will be better than today.

This election, let’s restore America’s promise.  Let’s fight for the country we love.

Thank you.  And God bless America.

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